Change management

As a modern manager, you are constantly realigning your organisation or helping the company succeed in this task. As an initiator of, and someone affected by, changes, you know both sides of the coin, the necessities and sensitivities of the change process. One task is handling your own objectives and resistances constructively. The more demanding task is leading your staff through the change. The W.E.R.T. model helps you with this.

The W.E.R.T. model shows me:

  • which of my own motivations and values support the current change process or run counter to it;
  • how I can motivate myself for the required changes;
  • which motivations and values support my employees in the change process or run counter to it;
  • which criteria and aspects I can use to motivate my staff to be open to change despite resistance;
  • how I can recognise resistance earlier and process them constructively;
  • how I can address emotions in a targeted way and appeal to my staff;
  • how I can adjust my communication to the different types;
  • how I can involve individual employee groups in a targeted way;
  • how I can optimally put together my change team;
  • how I can therefore considerably increase my management performance and management efficiency.

Other areas of application for the W.E.R.T. model: