As a modern manager, you face many demanding requirements: you need to develop people according to their talents and motivations to optimally increase their performance, increase their loyalty to the company, develop a performing team from different characters, optimise organisation and take an innovative and wider view to convey the correct sense of purpose and strategy to the people in your organisation. You also have to adjust to the various values and motivations of your staff. The W.E.R.T. model supports you in this task.

My W.E.R.T. profile shows me:

  • which motivations and values drive me as a manager and what I expect from others accordingly;
  • which of my management tasks I particularly enjoy and which ones I tend to find more onerous, and how I can nevertheless develop professionally in all areas;
  • which staff types I prefer and with which ones I tend to have difficulties;
  • how I can assume equally good attitudes towards all types;
  • how I can positively address each employee type in terms of their motivation and values and thereby optimally motivate them;
  • how I can optimally prepare myself for discussions and meetings with important people (clients, employees, managers);
  • how I can understand people more professionally;
  • how I can find out the correct themes and objectives for my different employees,
  • how I can increase my staff’s emotional connection to me and the company;
  • how I can significantly increase my management efficiency and performance.

Other areas of application for the W.E.R.T. model:

  • Coaching
  • Change management
  • Team development
  • Sales