Winning and inspiring clients is your business. You know which varying motivations and values lead to a decision to purchase and a positive customer relationship. You adapt to this as quickly as possible. A good knowledge of people is your main asset. The W.E.R.T. model accelerates the speed of your evaluation and increases your precision with regard to hits.

My W.E.R.T. profile shows me:

  • which motivations and values drive me, what I find convincing and the ways in which other people differ from me;
  • how I can quickly recognise what is important to my client and what makes him/her “tick”;
  • which of my sales tasks I particularly enjoy and which I find more arduous;
  • how I can nevertheless develop professionally in all areas;
  • which client types I prefer and with which ones I tend to have more difficulties;
  • how I can nevertheless adjust to all types equally well and quickly;
  • how I can positively address each client type in terms of their motivations and values and optimally lead them to purchase decisions;
  • how I can optimally prepare myself for discussions and meetings with important people (clients, staff, boss);
  • which of my clients have an emotional connection with us and how I achieve this;
  • with which criteria and means of communication I can win over each client type;
  • how I can thereby significantly increase my sales performance and sales efficiency.

Other areas of application for the W.E.R.T. model: