The W.E.R.T model

The W.E.R.T. model, developed by Dr. Michael Fuhrmann and Algar Rother, is an occupation-orientated personality profile. It makes it possible to understand typical basic patterns of human behaviour (reducing complexity). The W.E.R.T. model helps to clarify differences between people with regard to their values and motivations. It encourages comprehension in communication and cooperation between people with different motivating preferences. In a working context, the model highlights the motivations of different behavioural types. Furthermore, it covers various basic attitudes to work.

The model differentiates between four W.E.R.T. types, based on their characteristic basic values and motivations:

  • (Alpha) Wolf
  • Explorer
  • Realisation Agent
  • Teamplayer

From the results of the questionnaire, the W.E.R.T. type can be explained on the basis of the two W.E.R.T core axes:

  • Power scale
  • Relationship scale

What are the benefits of the W.E.R.T. profile?

  • Recognising and reflecting on one’s own motivation and value structure
  • Understanding others
  • Extending the scope for thinking and acting