Become a W.E.R.T. consultant

When licensed as a W.E.R.T. consultant, you gain the ability to understand differences between people in terms of their values and motivations.

You will learn how to deploy the W.E.R.T. model in the areas of management, coaching, change management, team development and sales and will receive practical workshop modules which you can use throughout your work with clients, colleagues and staff.

To whom might W.E.R.T. licensing be appealing?

W.E.R.T. consultant licensing is aimed at trainers, coaches, internal and external consultants, HR managers and senior managers in general.

With the licensing, you receive certification as a licensed W.E.R.T. consultant for the W.E.R.T. personality profile and can therefore obtain the W.E.R.T. profile (at a trainer’s rate) and even conduct profile evaluation meetings. You will also receive full workshop documents for various fields of application of W.E.R.T. models.

What prerequisites are necessary?

People with prior knowledge in personality typologies (who are already licensed for other personality profiles or can prove working experience with such) can receive their licensing in one day. Those with prior knowledge of personality typologies go through a two-day licensing procedure.


For the one-day workshop with prior knowledge in personality typologies, we offer you licensing for €990 plus VAT (including licensing fee).

For the two-day workshop without prior knowledge in typologies, we offer you the licensing for €1,300.00 plus VAT (including licensing fee).

You will also receive:

  • Your personal W.E.R.T. profile
  • The W.E.R.T. consultants’ handbook
  • extensive materials for consultancy and training
  • Meetings package with catering