As a committed manager, you regularly make a (self-) critical comparison of the actual and target situations regarding your personal development and career plan. Do you also have the correct data and facts for this? Do you know the real driving factors behind your talented people? What really motivates you, why do you pursue certain objectives and are you certain that you are on the right path? On what basis do you make your life decisions and do these really contribute to your happiness in life? In everyday life there is often not enough time for the major questions of your professional life. Basic information is missing. Business coaching teaches you to prioritise correctly and also take time for your most important asset: yourself. The W.E.R.T. model provides you with the answers to central questions.

My W.E.R.T. profile shows me:

  • which motivations and values are central drivers in my professional life;
  • what I really wish to achieve, and what I only believe because it somehow seems plausible to me;
  • whether I am really enthusiastic about what I want;
  • how my profession can better address the requirements of my motivations;
  • what I can learn particularly quickly and well due to my values and motivations, and the elements for which I require more strength;
  • how I can convince people who have different motivations and values of my objectives (stakeholder analysis);
  • which of my motivations and values are beneficial and which are a hindrance when dealing with other people;
  • how I can justify my life and working objectives so that they better correspond to my true motivations;
  • how, therefore, I can significantly improve my management performance and management efficiency.

Other areas of application for the W.E.R.T. model: